BP oil disaster continues

This video from the USA is called BP Oil Spill is Killing Seabirds in the Gulf.

A number of recent articles in the corporate media have sought to minimize the effects of the Gulf oil spill and purge the event from the consciousness of the American people: here.

There’s still a “huge puddle of oil” beneath the surface, and its impacts will last for years: here.

ARKive: Gulf oil spill could linger below the surface for decades: here. ARKive: Gulf oil: here.

Most oil in Gulf unaccounted for: Good news for water has meant bad news in the air: here.

BP Gulf spill could threaten Canada’s migratory birds: here.

BP fights lawsuit as Gulf’s jobless grow desperate: here.

While deployed to help w/ oil spill recovery, Pelican Island Refuge (FL) ranger Joanna Webb wrote about the experience: here.

Report: Oil Disasters Common in Last Decade: here.

Costs and Values: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez Disaster: here.

Dozens of families have been evacuated from their homes along streams and rivers in central Michigan in the wake of an oil spill from a ruptured pipeline, which likely took place on Sunday. Local health officials have also warned residents against drinking water from wells that may be contaminated by the oil: here.

AUSTRALIA: Marine Biodiversity Threatened by Oil, Gas Exploration: here.

China oil spill could be 60,000 metric tons: Greenpeace: here.

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