Greed killed German Love Parade participants

This video is also about the 2010 German Love Parade tragedy.

“This was not a tragic accident, but a crime.” These were the words used by Marek Lieberberg, one of Germany’s most experienced event organizers, when speaking to the Süddeutsche Zeitung about the recent disaster at the techno music festival in Duisburg. He accused the Duisburg organizers of the Love Parade of “money-grubbing and incompetence”: here.

There is pressure on Duisburg mayor Sauerland (CDU) to resign.

From Expatica Germany:

Angry demo in Duisburg over Love Parade tragedy

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside city hall in Duisburg, Germany on Wednesday as anger grew over the Love Parade disaster in which 21 people died.

Demonstrators chanted “Sauerland go! in reference to the western city’s mayor Adolf Sauerland, who has come under pressure to resign following Saturday’s tragedy.

Others held placards including “Who is to blame?” in red letters. The crowd later observed a moment of silence for the victims.

Partygoers were crushed to death in a stampede as they desperately tried to escape a narrow tunnel that served as the only entrance to the grounds hosting the techno music festival. More than 500 people were hurt.

German trade union reaction to the tragedy: here.

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