35 thoughts on “Dutch pseudo-feminist Afghan war propaganda were lies

  1. Katie Couric needs to get all of the information on the situation of women in Afghanistan. Sign our act.ly petition to urge her to watch and respond to Rethink Afghanistan’s segment on women’s rights.

    You’ve probably heard of TIME Magazine’s outrageous, pro-Afghanistan-War propaganda cover art. As supporters of women’s rights, we were outraged by TIME’s gross distortion of this critical issue. But Couric compounded the distortion by giving TIME Magazine’s managing editor Rick Stengel an even bigger megaphone for his outrageous pro-war spin campaign in a recent online interview. Stengel made easily disprovable claims, including that the rights of women have been “modernized” and that women’s “lives have changed.”

    Women’s rights in Afghanistan are under constant assault right now, often from within the U.S.-backed Kabul government. But Couric never once challenged TIME’s editor as he made his claims. She even called TIME “brave” for such a cheap caricature of the choice before the American people.

    Couric’s viewers deserve better. Sign our act.ly petition that urges her to watch Rethink Afghanistan’s segment on Afghan women and to respond on Twitter.

    Let’s make sure nobody gets away with the ridiculous claim that war helps women caught in the crossfire.


    Derrick Crowe, Robert Greenwald and
    the Brave New Foundation team

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