NATO kills 45 Afghan civilians

This video from the USA is called Jeremy Scahill: [Afghan] Minerals, WikiLeaks, and Blackwater for Sale.

From Reuters:

NATO rocket kills 45 Afghan civilians – govt spokesman

26 Jul 2010 13:12:55 GMT

KABUL, July 26 – At least 45 civilians, many women and children, were killed in a rocket attack by the NATO-led force in Afghanistan‘s southern Helmand province last week, a spokesman for the Afghan government said on Monday.

The incident happened in Helmand’s Sangin district on Friday when civilians crammed into a mud-built house to flee fighting between NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops and Taliban insurgents, Siyamak Herawi told Reuters.

See also here. And here.

UPDATE: Mr Karzai said an Afghan inquiry had found international forces fired a rocket in Sangin on Friday that killed 52 innocent people: here.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has confirmed that Nato soldiers slaughtered 52 civilians including women and children in Helmand last week: here.

US forces hit target ‘with no civilian deaths’ – but Afghans tell different tale: here.

Secret Military Files Reveal Shocking Details About Failed War in Afghanistan: here.

Daniel Ellsberg says WikiLeaks Afghan docs on same scale as Pentagon Papers: here.

WikiLeaks is tremendously overloaded. Please use

Nearly 92,000 military documents posted on the Internet by the WikiLeaks web site paint a devastating picture of US-NATO imperialist atrocities in Afghanistan: here.

Afghanistan leaks paint grim picture: here.

‘Dutch soldiers killed 11 Afghan civilians’: here.

USA: Hundreds of Afghanistan contractor deaths go unreported. Congressional report estimates Afghanistan death rate more than four times greater than for U.S. troops: here.

Accident-Prone Wonder Weapons: Afghanistan War Logs Reveal Shortcomings of US Drones: here.

3 thoughts on “NATO kills 45 Afghan civilians

  1. From Pentagon Papers to Wikileaks: Seize the time!

    Sign the Petition

    This is the moment to open a campaign to reawaken and mobilize a movement that can end the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. The New York Times in the U.S., the Guardian in Britain and Der Spiegel in Germany have published their spins on 92,000 classified cables released by Wikileaks, cables with messages between U.S. officials regarding the occupation of Afghanistan and the war against the Afghan resistance.

    Remember, a GI has risked imprisonment to expose the truth, hoping the truth could stop the war crimes. Currently the Pentagon is holding Specialist Bradley Manning in custody, reportedly in Kuwait, suspected of the leak. If Manning did this, he is not a traitor but a hero to humanity. That these cables are public can help end the war.

    On June 27 the IAC initiated a petition supporting Bradley Manning, demanding his release and his access to legal assistance. It was only after 100,000 emails conveying this petition were delivered to the White House, Congress and most important, to the major corporate media, that the story on Manning was widely reported. The corporate media that regularly report Pentagon press releases on the war had previously ignored Manning’s story.

    There is no doubt that the cables, using the words of U.S. officials and agents, expose the failure of the U.S.-NATO occupation to defeat the resistance. But the Times has been a supporter of the Afghan war and occupation from the beginning and continues to support the war. There is therefore no reason for anyone to accept the Times’ interpretation of the cables. A closer examination of the cables by more progressive analysts will undoubtedly also expose the outright criminal acts of the U.S.-NATO occupation forces.

    Now, as the 92,000 cables have hit the news, it is even more important that Manning continue to receive support. We must encourage the next GI to help expose the war crimes by releasing the truth.

    Sign this petition and pass it along.


  2. Dear Friend,

    Wikileaks’ incredible new release of classified documents confirms what Rethink Afghanistan supporters already know: the Afghanistan War is a brutal disaster that’s not worth the cost. The only question is: what will you do about it?

    Sign our petition to the Democratic and Republican National Committees to tell them you vote, and you demand an end to this war.

    In this crushing economic climate, Americans are fed up with a trillion-dollar war that’s not making us safer. But, that hasn’t stopped either major political party from supporting pro-war candidates or from voting for billions in new war spending. In the wake of the Wikileaks release of the “War Logs,” we’ve got to let our political parties know that we will hold them responsible for bringing this war to a close.

    Learn more about the Wikileaks release of the “War Logs” and sign our petition to end the war.

    Our new petition is simple: we’re letting both the DNC and the RNC know that we vote, and that if politicians want our support, they have to end this war.

    We’ve got a real chance here to send a strong message to our politicians and to drive the media narrative on the war. Please sign our petition today.


    Derrick Crowe, Robert Greenwald and
    the Brave New Foundation team


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