First ever spoonbill fledged on Griend island

This is a spoonbill video.

According to the Ecomare site in the Netherlands, for the first time ever this year, three spoonbill couples have nested on Griend island.

Unfortunately, floods destroyed two nests.

In the third nest, a female chick survived. It was ringed, so its future movements may be studied.

Griend video: here.

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Rare bats in Overijssel, the Netherlands

This is a video about a Brandt’s bat.

According to Dutch bat researchers, two rare bat species were discovered recently in Overijssel province.

A lesser noctule bat (Nyctalus leisleri) was caught at Weldam estate near Goor. Last year, the species had been found near Enschede. The Goor discovery is the second ever in Overijssel.

Also, recently, a Brandt’s bat colony was found near Haaksbergen. The first colony ever in the province (isolated individuals had been found before this).

May 2011: The little known Leisler’s Bat – also known as the hairy-armed bat – is described as locally rare in England and is second in size only to the noctule bat with a wingspan of up to 33cm: here.