Child abuse bishop Mixa unwelcome in nunnery

This is a video from Germany on the Walter Mixa scandal.

From RF-News in Germany:

24.07.10 – Ex-Bishop Mixa seeks refuge in a nunnery

Bishop Walter Mixa, retired because of a [child abuse] scandal, wants to move to the Franciscan Sisters Monastery Maria Stern in Fünfstetten in Donau-Ries. However, also there he is not really welcome. Mother Superior, Sister Beda Rauch: “As for us, we did not offer that bishop anything, however, we could not resist pressure by the diocese of Eichstätt about providing shelter for the bishop.” For pastoral duties he will also not be needed. “We have a blind chaplain of the house that reads Mass to us every day for that.”

6 thoughts on “Child abuse bishop Mixa unwelcome in nunnery

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