British Iraq war inquiry hampered

This video from the USA is called WMD LIES – Bush Cheney Rumsfeld – THE ULTIMATE CLIP.

Britain: Iraq Inquiry denied access to key documents, says Carne Ross, UK’s former Iraq expert at the UN: here. And here.

It was “very hard” for Iraq to declare WMD programmes that did not exist, former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has said: here. See also here.

John Prescott doubted Iraq nuclear weapons intelligence: here. And here.

Friends and teachers of a young Iraqi Kurd facing deportation have launched a campaign to prevent him being forced back to his war-torn country: here.

Iraq is on the verge of being banned by Fifa for alleged government meddling in the leadership of the Iraqi Football Association (IFA) after armed men stormed its HQ last weekend waving arrest warrants: here.

USA: Department of Defense can’t account for 96 percent of money administered in Iraq reconstruction fund: here.

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