BP oil disaster continues

This video from the USA is called BP‘s Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico Affects Animals.

USA: Cleaned of oil: Video of Terns recuperating at Louisiana Oiled Bird Center: here.

More than 1600 Louisiana farmers have signed up to flood their fields for the birds! Here.

Data from the Center for Responsive Politics show the extensive influential reach of BP and the oil industry through their lobbyists and campaign contributions. There is no clear line of division between the US government and the oil industry: here.

BP Tries to Limit Release of Oil Spill Research. Contracts Bar Experts from Releasing Spill Findings for 3 Years: here.

Strange PR: It seems BP hid the fact it hired black prison laborers to save money on clean up: here.

BP oil spill: safety breaches revealed: here.

Fear of Oil Damage Heightens as Tropical Depression Bonnie Approaches the Gulf: here.

Meet one of the vets who teaches techniques of wildlife rescue and clean-up for the Gulf: here.

Guardian: BP oil spill: Transocean in spotlight: here.

Federal records show steady stream of oil spills in Gulf since 1964: here.

NASA Releases New Map of Aquatic Dead Zones: here.

3 thoughts on “BP oil disaster continues

  1. OCEANSIDE: Fundraiser helps reptiles, amphibians in Gulf region

    Six nationwide events kick off Aug. 1 in Oceanside

    BY LOUISE ESOLA – For the North County Times | Posted: July 23, 2010 6:39 pm

    Local efforts are under way to help reptiles and amphibians in the Gulf region, which has struggled with a massive oil spill since the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig three months ago.

    The San Diego Herpetological Society, under its Gulf Aide Project, is organizing six national fundraising events starting with an Aug. 1 kickoff at the QLN Conference Center in Oceanside.

    Although the BP oil giant stopped its ruptured deep-sea well from leaking earlier this month, the tens of millions of gallons of oil that has already spewed into the Gulf of Mexico could eventually have a crippling effect on everything from snakes, frogs, turtles, alligators and other “not so cuddly” creatures at rivers and lakes linked to the ocean, said Rachelle Silva, a Vista resident and secretary of the society.

    “Reptiles and amphibians are under-represented in the relief efforts,” said Silva. “As a whole, people don’t go for reptiles and amphibians. They are not cute and cuddly.”

    The dinner event, catered by Trupiano’s of Oceanside, will feature guest speaker Donald Schultz from the television show “Wild Recon,” along with sea turtles from Sea World San Diego. Several wildlife organizations will bring in reptiles and amphibians that represent the kinds of species found in the Gulf region, said Silva.

    According to Shawn Silva, a Vista resident and the society’s vice president, relief efforts have not addressed what may happen upstream and in marshes where most of the reptiles and amphibians live.

    “You have the tidal influxes, currents and hurricanes,” he said. “The ocean is tied in with major river areas, and other habitats, so the potential is there.

    “As oil gets up into the marshes where you have snakes and alligators, it’s going to impact the food web, too. Smaller insects and animals used for food are likely to be affected. There has never been a disaster of this magnitude, so some of these things aren’t known.”

    Schultz said he is probably going to talk about how pollution affects natural habitats.

    “You can potentially have generations of species damaged,” Schultz said.

    Funds raised at the Oceanside event, and at five other events being organized across the country, will help supply grants to organizations now working in the region. Schultz said most of the relief efforts are centered on capturing reptile and amphibian eggs, relocating them temporarily from the spill, and later releasing them.

    However, not enough is being done, he said.

    “The big point is this is a way to make a difference to the under-represented animals,” added Shawn Silva.

    For more information or to buy tickets, visit http://www.gulfaideproject.org.

    Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the door. Seating is limited to 300. As of Friday, the society had almost 200 tickets left.



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