Police killing of Ian Tomlinson not prosecuted

This is a video from London, England, about the police assault on Ian Tomlinson.

The family of newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson, who died following a police assault during last April’s G20 protests, has reacted with outrage at the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute anyone involved in his death: here.

Ian Tomlinson’s family brand decision not to bring charges ‘a disgrace’: here. And here.

Protest against Tomlinson's death

The pathologist who first ruled that newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson died from natural causes at the 2009 G20 protest has been found to have behaved “irresponsibly” in other post-mortem examinations: here.

Five years to the day after the fatal shooting of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes at London’s Stockwell Tube station, a leading Green activist has renewed demands for the abolition of the police shoot-to-kill policy: here.

Four Metropolitan police officers were officially charged on Thursday over their alleged role in the serious assault of a terror suspect in police custody: here.

G20 pathologist Freddy Patel found guilty: here.

Last week, Dr Freddy Patel, the pathologist who carried out the first post-mortem examination of London G20 victim Ian Tomlinson, was found guilty of misconduct by the General Medical Council: here.

Ian Tomlinson’s widow backed the suspension of a pathologist who carried out the first post-mortem examination on her husband on Friday and said he had been an “obstacle to the truth”: here.

Third Tomlinson post-mortem ‘withheld from coroner’: here.

The results of a third post-mortem examination into the death of Ian Tomlinson are being withheld from the coroner, it was reported on Wednesday: here.

Julia Tomlinson’s rueful acceptance that a damages payout and apology from the Metropolitan Police is “as close as we are going to get to justice” for her unlawfully killed husband Ian is a sad reflection of police impunity: here.

UK security chiefs have ordered an acceleration in police heavy weapons training so that they can hold the line against Mumbai-style attacks in UK city centres, until the SAS can be brought up to go in for the kill: here.

3 thoughts on “Police killing of Ian Tomlinson not prosecuted

  1. Record of pathologist

    There was a fascinating detail at the meeting which followed the vigil for Sean Rigg at Brixton police station (Anger at deaths in police custody, 28 August).

    Roger Sylvester’s father named the pathologist who cleared the police of any wrongdoing in his son’s death in 1999 as Dr Freddy Patel. This is the same man who did the Met’s post-mortem on Ian Tomlinson.

    Wikipedia records that, “In 1999, forensic pathologist Dr Freddy Patel was reprimanded by the General Medical Council for releasing medical details about Roger Sylvester to reporters outside an inquest hearing.”

    Nick Grant, West London



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