Nazi terrorist violence in Arizona, USA

Hitler and racism in Arizona, cartoon by Jimmy Margulies

Neo-Nazis Patrol Arizona Border; Say if United States Secures Border Against Illegal Immigrants, “We’ll Put Our Guns Back on the Shelf”: here.

Will Arizona give neo-Nazi border vigilantes an official blessing? Here.

Hateful Nation: Arizona Ignites Firestorm of Anti-Hispanic Sentiment: here.

Mexico is sending inspectors to US border crossings to monitor deportations that might result if Arizona’s new immigration law goes into effect as planned on Thursday: here.

Leading US anti-racist campaigner Devin Burghart warned Hope Not Hate supporters in London on Thursday night that white nationalism was alive and well in his country, despite the election of Barack Obama.

Arizona sheriff Arpaio’s office ‘surveilled political rivals’: here.

Zack de la Rocha and Salvador Reza: Why the Boycott of Arizona Continues: here.

AZ Prison lobby colludes with GOP politicians on anti-immigrant law: here.

The bodies of 72 undocumented immigrants were found in a ranch in northern Mexico by Mexican marines after a gun battle with drug traffickers on August 25: here.


9 thoughts on “Nazi terrorist violence in Arizona, USA

  1. Dear Friend,

    Brave New Foundation’s Cuéntame, has made major headlines this week for its video interview with Arizona Police Officer Paul Dobson speaking out about draconian Arizona anti-immigration bill, SB1070. Officer Dobson is now under investigation for exercising his first amendment right to speak freely about the real effects of the law:

    “I know people will not call the police in case of a real emergency. This law is purely racist and solely focused on Latinos. In my opinion, SB 1070 violates equal protection under the law.” Paul Dobson, Patrol Officer, Arizona

    We are making a difference and our voices are being heard by hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Cuéntame’s work with Officer Dobson has been featured in USA Today, Arizona Republic, New York Daily News, FoxNews and more!

    We can’t stop now. We must keep fighting this unjust law that will effectively institutionalize discrimination against our Latino community. Please help us in our next step to send a giant message to the Arizona government.

    If you can help us raise $10,000 by Monday, July 26, Cuéntame will purchase a billboard on a populated street in Phoenix showing the law for what it really is. The powerful line for the billboard has already been chosen on Facebook by the members of Cuéntame. Now all we need is your support.

    Can you donate $10 so that we can send a powerful message to the Arizona government that we will not tolerate blatant discrimination against any minority group?

    If you haven’t already, please join Cuéntame on Facebook by clicking the LIKE button on top of the page.

    Thank you for your support.

    Axel Caballero, Ofelia Yañez
    and the Cuéntame team



    CLICK HERE to SIGN the ONLINE PETITION to the Legislatures, Senators and Governors of all states with PENDING ARIZONA-TYPE RACIST ANTI-IMMIGRANT LEGISLATION NOW!
    SIGN at
    May 1 2010 Union Square NYC
    Immigrant Rights Rally Union Square NYC 5/1/2010


    Sign the online petition below!

    Sign the petition below – circulate to friends, family and co-workers. Let President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, Attorney General Holder, U.N. Secretary-General Ban, Governors, Congressional delegations and legislatures of Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, Maryland, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts know you say NO to racist anti-immigrant Arizona laws SB 1070 and HB 2281 and the passage of similar legislation anywhere in the country, and that you demand legalization now, and no militarization of the border with Mexico.

    Sample Text:

    To: President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, Attorney General Holder, U.N. Secretary-General Ban, Governors, Congressional delegations and legislatures of Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, Maryland, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, and members of the media

    I hereby demand the immediate repeal of Arizona’s unconstitutional and racist anti-immigrant law SB 1070, which legalizes racial profiling by law enforcement and makes failure to carry immigration documents a crime. I also demand the immediate repeal of Arizona’s racist law HB 2281, which outlaws the teaching of ethnic studies, falsely claiming that Ethnic Studies courses promote hate and resentment. I call on governors and legislators in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, Maryland, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and all other states to reject similar legislation wherever it is introduced.

    I stand with the national leadership of the AFL-CIO, Service Employees International Union, and United Food and Commercial Workers, the City Councils of Oakland, St. Paul, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, the Mayors of San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles, and the more than a million people who marched for immigrant rights in cities across the country on May 1 in calling for a boycott of Arizona until these racist laws are removed from the books. I further concur with AFL-CIO President Trumpka and Wade Henderson, President of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, in their demand that the Department of Homeland Security immediately stop cooperating with local law enforcement officials in Arizona under Section 287(g) agreements, which allow state and local police in Arizona to enforce immigration laws.

    I further demand that the Federal Government take immediate action to intercede and overturn Arizona’s unconstitutional, racist and anti-immigrant law SB 1070, take further action to prevent similar legislation from being passed in other states, and provide legalization of all immigrants NOW! Militarization of the border with Mexico must end, and all troops and National Guard units must be immediately removed from the border! The money spent on border militarization should instead be spent to keep schools open and provide needed human services.

    I call for rejection of all immigration plans, such as the Schumer plan, which would militarize the border, criminalize migrants and impose apartheid-like credentials or pass cards. I also call for repeal of NAFTA and all U.S. trade policies that undermine local economies in developing nations and confront working families with the choice: migrate or starve. Immigrant labor bolsters the U.S. economy and increases corporate profits, and by working for slave wages and paying taxes, immigrant workers contribute far more than their share to the US economy.

    The Constitution of the United States forbids detention and arrest without probable cause and a warrant from a judge, calls for equal protection under the laws and bars racial profiling. Not only does Arizona law SB 1070 violate the Constitution in all of these respects, it institutes an apartheid style passbook regime.

    Reject Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation! End racist immigrant-bashing! Legalize all immigrants now!
    (Your signature will be appended here based on the contact information you enter )

    Sign the online petition


  3. Teachers sue to overturn law

    US: Teachers in Arizona are suing to overturn a law that targets ethnic studies programmes in schools, they revealed on Tuesday.

    Outgoing Arizona schools superintendent Tom Horne and the State Board of Education are named as defendants.

    The Tucson Unified School District offers courses in African-American, Mexican-American and Native-American studies.

    Mr Horne had pushed for the law prohibiting classes that advocate ethnic solidarity or promote resentment of an ethnic group.

    He claims that the programme teaches Latino students that they are oppressed by white people.


  4. Rock-throwers seized by police

    US: Two people were arrested for throwing rocks at police as they tried to keep protesters from blocking a neonazi anti-immigration march to the federal courthouse in Phoenix at the weekend.

    Police used tear gas to drive the protesters off the street on Saturday, but no serious injuries were reported.

    The rightwingers were allowed to continue to the courthouse.

    Members of the National Socialist Movement have marched in Phoenix against illegal immigration regularly in recent years.


  5. Please Post Widely!

    Stand In Solidarity with
    Say no to the Arizona Book Ban!

    Say no to racism & anti-immigrant laws! Mexican/Chicano history is a right!

    All People of Color have a right to study their history in Arizona & everywhere!

    Support the Caravan to Arizona organized by Librotraficante!

    On January 10, 2012 the Tucson Unified School District in Arizona voted to suspend its Mexican American Studies Program after a judge ruled that it violated a new state law and could lose millions in aid for a particular school district. This is another racist message from Arizona’s elite to people of color and especially Latinos of Mexican descent. That message is: get back, get down, your lives are worth nothing to this system.

    According to news sources, 60% of the 53,000 students in that school district are Latino/a. Arizona is ground zero for vile anti-immigrant legislation. Reminiscent of book burnings in Nazi Germany, after the ruling, school officials began to gather up any books that dealt with Chicano or Mexican American history. Sometimes those books were gathered up right in front of the students who had come to class to study their history.

    The books in question include “500 Years of Chicano History in Pictures,” edited by Elizabeth Martinez; “Message to AZTLAN,” by Rodolfo Corky Gonzales; “Occupied America: A History of Chicanos,” by Rodolfo Acuña; “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” by Paulo Freire and “Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years,” edited by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson, as well as a reading by Shakespeare.

    Repression breeds Resistance. A group of writers, journalists, activists and many in the literary field have heroically launched Librotraficante in Houston Texas and elsewhere. The idea of organizing a caravan to Arizona and gathering funds to take the banned books in the caravan has caught on fire like a scorched tree in a desert heat storm. It has excited Chicanos/Mexicanos, academics, students and progressive people everywhere in defiance of racism in Arizona.

    In New York City, activists will gather at the New York Public Library to participate in a press conference and picket to show solidarity with Librotraficante and the people of Arizona. We will be asking for donations to send copies of the banned books on the caravan to Arizona.

    42nd St. & Fifth Ave.

    For more info on Librotraficante visit

    For more info on New York City event visit

    To give a donation or to endorse the call, email:
    Checks can be written to Solidarity Center. Memo Line should say: May 1st Coalition/Book Ban. Mail to May 1 Coalition c/o Solidarity Center, 55 W 17th St Suite 5C, New York, NY 10011

    The NY activity was initiated by the May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights.
    New York Endorsers include (list in formation):
    Alfonso Gonzales, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Lehman College; Dream Scholars; Esperanza Martell, Faculty Hunter College School of Social Work; New York State Youth Leadership Council; Centro Guatemalteco Tecun Uman; Occupied Wall Street Immigration Working Group; La Peña del Bronx; Community Farmworker Alliance; Taller Experimental de Arte; Lucy Pagoada-Quesada (Delegate, UFT/United Federation of Teachers; Bayanihan Filipino Community Center; Fr. Luis Barrios, John Jay College of Criminal Justice-CUNY; Trabajadoras por La Paz; Pakistan USA Freedom Forum; BAYAN USA Filipino National Organization; International Action Center; Heather Cottin, History Teacher, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY, Professional Staff Congress, AFT; Occupy 4 Jobs; Community Labor United for Postal Jobs & Services; MAIZ San Jose; OWS-Latin America; Popul Vuh


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