Dutch air force accused of violating Venezuelan airspace

This video is called Covert C.I.A. Spy Plans for Latin America Named.

Translation from Dutch news agency ANP today:

CARACAS – The Venezuelan government has filed a complaint with the Netherlands, as an aircraft of the Dutch Royal Air Force ”illegally invaded” the airspace of the South American country. The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry announced that on Tuesday.

Between July 4 and July 7, the Air Force aircraft is said to have crossed the border three times near Maiquetía city, just north of the capital Caracas. According to Venezuela, the plane was discovered by air defense systems, despite attempts by crews to cover up the position of the aircraft .

In its statement, the Venezuelan government condemns ”this provocationi, totally contrary to the spirit of neighborliness, which should prevail between two neighboring countries”.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that Venezuela has lodged a protest at the Dutch Embassy in Caracas. It it is said to be about an aircraft which had invaded Venezuelan airspace from the sea.

Late last year, Venezuela has voiced accusations that the United States are using the Netherlands Antilles to prepare attacks on Venezuela and to regularly violate Venezuelan airspace from bases on Aruba and Curaçao.

3 thoughts on “Dutch air force accused of violating Venezuelan airspace

  1. Three deported for alleged smuggling

    Venezuela: Caracas deported three people on Wednesday to face drug trafficking cases in the Netherlands, Aruba and Peru.

    Dutch citizen Marcelino Kerkeboom Glenn is wanted for allegedly smuggling more than a ton of cocaine to the Netherlands.

    Also deported were Colombian Gloria Chavez Ceballos, wanted in Aruba for allegedly trafficking Colombian cocaine to the United States, and Aldo Enrique Forero, a Peruvian former police officer wanted in Peru for allegedly trafficking the drug into the US.



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