Big Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and Sudan

USA: While BP replaces cap on well, millions of gallons of oil flow into Gulf: here.

Which Companies Besides BP Are Responsible for the Gulf Disaster? Here.

“People’s outrage is focused on BP”: here.

PHOTOS: Baby animals hardest hit by oil spill: here.

Oil Spill Forecast: Trouble for Ducks: here.

Mental health a growing concern after Gulf spill: here.

A culture of politics trumping science, many say, persists despite the president’s promises. The use of potentially toxic dispersants to fight the Gulf oil spill is cited as just one example: here.

Gruesome pictures of the oil spill that BP and the government don’t want you to see: here.

Environmental groups speak out against Arctic drilling: here.

GOP Senate Candidate Who’s Open To Drilling In Great Lakes Owns BP, Exxon Stock: here.

A recent report by a group of NGOs alleges that an oil consortium led by Swedish firm Lundin Petroleum may have been complicit in “war crimes and crimes against humanity” in Sudan: here.

According to this video about Sudan:

Lundin built a road from the village of Rubkona to its oil rig. Allegedly, thousands of people were driven from their homes, even tortured and killed, to make way for this road.

This video is called Lundin Petroleum Says 3Q Profit Rose to SFK211.3Mln.

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