Stonechat, damselflies and nutria

Today, again to the Saone river.

A black redstart on a woodpile.

A skylark singing.

A yellowhammer on a bush.

First one stonechat on a fence, then two in a grain field.

Five grey herons in a meadow.

The banded damselflies are still near the same river bend as a few days ago.

This is a nutria video.

A bit further, a nutria swimming in the Saone. This big South American rodent species was brought to Europe for its fur; then, some escaped.

Yellow water lilies flowering.

As we walk back, an adult female mallard with seven juveniles. They are nearly full grown, but they still lack the blue and white wing spot of adults.

Brimstone and peacock butterfly.

July 2010. Dainty damselflies have been found in Britain after a 57 year absence. This delicate blue damselfly had been declared extinct after floods wiped out the last remaining populations in East Anglia in 1953. The recent sightings of four adults in North Kent were made by recorders for the British Dragonfly Society Gill and John Brooks. The photographs of the Dainty have been verified by the British Dragonfly Society: here. And here.

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