Song thrush, damselflies, butterflies

Today, to the other side of the village.

Two pied wagtails on a wire.

Skylark, chiffchaff and golden oriole sound.


Marbled white and meadow brown butterflies.

A blackbird. A chaffinch singing.

Under the trees: relatives of the banded demoiselles of yesterday; this time beautiful demoiselles.

This is a video about damselflies, especially beautiful demoiselles.

Map butterflies. Green woodpecker sound.

A song thrush singing.

Edible frog sound.

May 2011. This gorgeous, newly emerged, female Beautiful Demoiselle damselfly is the first damselfly or dragonfly we have seen this year. Despite the fact that our office is next to 2-3 ponds, we spotted this several miles away on the outskirts of Leominster, on the banks of the River Lugg. Females are very distinct from males. Females have a dark green metallic body, a bronze tail and brown irridescent wings: here.

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