Over a thousand dolphins near Scotland

From Wildlife Extra about this video:

Dolphin megapod off Northwest Scotland – Video

09/07/2010 11:11:27

The Mega-Pod returns!

Nick Davies of Hebridean Whale Cruises writes about his recent encounter with a dolphin megapod

July 2010. On a recent the whale watching trip from Gairloch we bumped into at least 1000 Short-beaked Common Dolphins again. What seemed like the whole of the sea for five square miles was alive with Dolphins!

All our passengers were clicking away with their cameras and were absolutely gob-smacked by what they were witnessing as this rarely happens in U.K. waters. Here’s the video I shot…

There was so much mixed behaviour I think I was just in the right place at the right time. We left the dolphins to go and see the whales about another four miles out, and when we passed the same location on the way back I could still see huge pods to the north and south so the mega pod had fragmented. This was confirmed by a later sighting that only encountered a meagre 300!

Lone Whales Shout to Overcome Noise: here.

Fin whales arrive in Irish waters: here.

Talking about the Atlantic Ocean, also from Wildlife Extra:

The missing link: Voyage of discovery to the Atlantic deep finds new species

08/07/2010 18:23:25

Findings may revolutionise thinking about deep-sea life in the Atlantic

July 2010: Scientists have just returned from a voyage with samples of rare animals and more than ten possible new species in a trip that they say has revolutionised their thinking about deep-sea life in the Atlantic Ocean.

One group of creatures they observed – and captured – during their six weeks in the Atlantic aboard the RRS James Cook is believed to be close to the missing evolutionary link between backboned and invertebrate animals. Using the latest technology they also saw species in abundance that until now had been considered rare. Researchers were also surprised to discover such diversity in habitat and marine life in locations just a few miles apart.

Dolphins observed playing ‘catch’ with Puffer fish of Adelaide: here.

Fishing industry starving whales of food: here.

August 2010. 14, and possibly even 15, species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) have been seen in the seas around the UK this year, and Sea Watch, organisers of the UK National Whale and Dolphin Watch, which, are hoping members of the public will be able to help spot even more. Sightings will help scientists understand more about their abundance and distribution: here.

May 2011: Scotland’s first fully protected marine reserve – only the second in the UK – is already providing commercial and conservation benefits, according to new research. After only two years in operation, it is already showing positive signs for both fishermen and conservationists, according to a study by the University of York and the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST): here.

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