US corporations endanger orangutans

KFC, Wal-Mart contributing to destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests, endangering orangutans: here.

Thom Hartmann | Wal-Mart Is Not a Person. Thom Hartmann, Berrett-Koehler Publishers: “We the People are the first three words of the Preamble to the Constitution; and from its adoption until the Robber Baron Era in the late nineteenth century, people meant human beings. In the 1886 Santa Clara case, however, the court reporter of the Supreme Court proclaimed in a ‘headnote‚’ – a summary or statement added at the top of the court decision, which is separate from the decision and has no legal force whatsoever – that the word person in law and, particularly, in the Constitution, meant both humans and corporations”: here.

Who exerts less energy, a person lounging in an armchair or an orangutan swinging through the forest? Surprisingly, it’s the ape. Researchers have found that, for their size, orangutans expend less energy than nearly every placental mammal measured. The discovery could help explain how animals have adapted to cope with lean times: here.

Hunting a Key Factor in Orangutan‘s Decline, Study Suggests: here.

Orang-utans perform pantomimes: here.

New research suggests orangutans not so solitary: here.

2 orangutan species of Borneo and Sumatra have undergone 10-fold decrease in population in the 20th century: here.

Orangutan Genome Full of Surprises: here.

When fruit is scarce, try chomping on a slow loris. That seems to be the strategy adopted by the normally vegetarian orang-utans, which have been spotted knocking the small primates out of trees and killing them with a bite to the head: here.

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