Prehistoric, Roman discoveries in the Netherlands

This is a Dutch video about archaeological discoveries in Sittard.

Translated from Sittard-Geleen local authority in the Netherlands:

Archaeological discoveries made in Sittard

Saturday, July 3, 2010 10:32

Sittard-Geleen – During excavations at the site of where the new apartment block De Dominicaan is planned at the Odasingel in Sittard, spectacular finds were made. The focus of the study was the Geleen river, clogged channels of which from different periods were found at 3 to 4 m below street level. In those former creek channels, large quantities of waste from the Roman era, the Iron Age and the Stone Age were found.

Because the waste is almost always located below the groundwater, organic objects such as bone and plant remains have been well preserved, which is very rare nationally and internationally and in the case of the Stone Age even unique.

Alderwoman Yvonne Baetens-Derks, responsible for archaeology: “We knew that remains from the Roman period would be found. However, that such large quantities were found and that there are also finds of the first farmers in the Netherlands, was a great surprise.”

Emperor Carausius: here.

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