Mining fat cat dictatorship in Australia

This video from Australia is called Prime Minister Julia Gillard Mining Tax Press Conference.

Just eight days after the ousting of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a coup sparked by furious opposition from the mining giants to a proposed super profits tax, the newly-installed prime minister has met all their main demands. It can be said, without fear of exaggeration, that this is a government of, for and by the mining giants: here.

In the wake of last week’s leadership coup, the Australian Labor government has been at pains to stress the continuity of foreign policy under Prime Minister Julia Gillard, pledging fealty to Washington and ongoing Australian involvement in the US-led war in Afghanistan: here.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard told reporters that she was “on notice” that the world economy had entered a new round of fear and uncertainty: here.

The leaders of the political coup that removed Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd were not just “faceless numbers men” but had direct connections to big business and the mining industry in particular: here.

Labor Prime Minister Gillard’s speech on climate change was a conscious fraud, combining lies on the science of global warming with new sound-bite driven measures pitched towards business which do nothing to adequately address the environmental crisis: here.

9 thoughts on “Mining fat cat dictatorship in Australia

  1. Dedication
    Saturday, July 3, 2010
    By Waratah Rosemarie Gillespie

    We come from the land that gives us life.

    We remember the time when the virgin earth brought forth
    fruits in great abundance — a natural paradise — before greed
    ripped our land and lives apart

    Now mining scars the face of the planet,
    leaves deep craters where once wild rivers ran

    Our freedom curtailed, many search for paradise lost,
    chasing butterflies of illusion in a cloud of confusion.

    Heed the warning of our cousins the Cree:
    Only when the last tree has died,
    the last river poisoned and the last fish been caught,
    will you realise that you cannot eat money

    We all share this planet.
    Let us dedicate ourselves to saving
    the land that gives us life; resist the corporate-military
    juggernaut that kills and destroys Indigenous Peoples
    who stand in its way

    Let us stand strong together, to
    preserve the earth our mother,
    so she can feed her children and
    the future generations to come.

    No child should go hungry
    while others live in luxury.


    [Waratah Rosemarie Gillespie (1941-2010) was a lifelong activist for peace, the environment, international solidarity and Indigenous rights. She wrote this poem shortly before her death on June 21.]


  2. Premier says No to higher mining tax

    Australia: Labour PM Julia Gillard has dismissed the prospects of increasing taxes on mining giants making billions from the country’s resources.

    A higher mining tax on firms including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Xstrata is a key demand of the Greens, who may hold the balance of power in the senate after this weekend’s elections.

    Ms Gillard has form on the issue – she replaced former PM Kevin Rudd in a party coup after firms threatened to pull investment in Australian mining projects.


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