British Iraq war inquiry continues

This video from the USA is called Rachel Maddow-Blair admits interest in war independent of WMD.

London: The Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war has resumed public hearings after a break of nearly four months because of the general election: here.

Britain’s former top diplomat on Wednesday criticised ex-prime minister Tony Blair‘s handling of ex-US president George Bush in the lead-up to the Iraq war: here.

IRAQ WAR: GOLDSMITH WARNED BLAIR HE EXPECTED ‘the government to be accused of acting unlawfully’: here.

Labour leaders haven’t been punished enough for Iraq war, says Gary Younge. They should be in jail: here.

Exclusive: British soldier speaks out against the war: here. And here.

The High Court has heard that more than 100 Iraqis detained by British forces were the victims of “systematic” inhumane and degrading treatment while in custody; here.

Ex-envoy: WMD claims ‘intentionally exaggerated’: here.

For seven years, Britain has wanted to see how the legal case for invading Iraq was made. Yesterday, at a public inquiry that is going on unnoticed, official documents were released for the first time that showed the grave reservations of the Attorney General, his remarkable U-turn, and how the basis for the Iraq war was built on sand: here.

Over 100 Iraqis who allege they were tortured and abused by British forces have won permission to bring a High Court action in a bid to force a public inquiry: here.

The High Court yesterday gave the go ahead for a legal challenge over the torture of Iraqi civilians at the hands of UK troops: here.


Iraq inquiry: Saddam posed very limited threat to UK, ex-MI5 chief says: here.

Ex-M15 Spy Chief: No Link Between Hussein, 9/11: here.

The invasion of Iraq “substantially” increased the terrorist threat to Britain, former head of MI5 Baroness Manningham-Buller said on Tuesday: here. And here. And here.

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