G20 summit in Toronto, Canada

This video, recorded in Toronto, Canada, says about itself:

Fortress Toronto: Massive Security Clampdown for G8/G20 Meetings Most Expensive in Canadian History

World leaders have started arriving for the G8 and G20 meetings amidst a massive security crackdown that will mark the most expensive three days in Canadian history. Large swaths of Toronto’s downtown core have the appearance of a police state, with an estimated deployment of over 19,000 security personnel—nearly five times the number at the G20 in Pittsburgh last year. The security price tag is around $1 billion, and some predict the total summit cost will surpass $2 billion. [includes rush transcript]

The Toronto summit, notwithstanding the best efforts of the communiqué drafters, highlighted the growing divergences among the major powers: here.

G20 sides with banks against workers, sticks us with the bill for their crisis: here.

The massive deployment of police in Toronto to repress peaceful protests is a naked violation of the democratic rights of the entire Canadian population: here.

Journalist describes being beaten, arrested by Canadian police while covering G20 protest: here.

G8/G20 Communique: Free the Toronto 900! Here.

Naomi Klein callls the G20 for what it is: class warfare by the elites against everyone else: here.

2 thoughts on “G20 summit in Toronto, Canada

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