Australia, a Big Mining plutocracy?

This music video from Australia, from before Prime Minister Rudd resigned, says about itself:

21 May 2010 | 2:41

Lyrics at

“Australia is on the brink of the greatest capital strike in its history and one of the largest ever seen in the world….in the vicinity $100 billion of resource projects that were almost certain to go ahead are now headed for mothballing until the resources tax is either abandoned or severely modified. If the private words to me and other journalists are converted to action and a new mining project capital strike is launched, then almost certainly Kevin Rudd will not win the next election. The economies of Queensland, WA and South Australia would be decimated.” Robert Gottliebsen

Australia: Julia Gillard—installed yesterday through an unprecedented political coup—has been issued with a clear set of instructions by the corporate and media interests that orchestrated Kevin Rudd’s ousting: here.

The major transnational mining corporations have delivered a blatant ultimatum to Julia Gillard—unless their demands are satisfied on the government’s proposed Resource Super Profits Tax in the next few days, the campaign against the tax and against the government will resume and intensify: here.

Amid deepening global financial turmoil, the world’s biggest mining companies are demanding far greater tax concessions from the newly-installed Australian prime minister: here.

Guardian: Australian PM refuses to commit to carbon tax under BHP pressure: here.

Julia Gillard, who replaced Kevin Rudd as Australia’s prime minister yesterday, used her first speech to send a clear signal to Washington that the Labor government will not waver in its support for the criminal war in Afghanistan: here.

Australia: In a win for community campaigners and the environment, BHP Billiton has dropped plans for a massive long-wall mine under the pristine Dharawal State Conservation Area (DSCA) on the NSW south coast: here.

West Africa has become the scene of intense competition between international mining companies as the price of minerals has risen after the recession of 2009. At the centre of this development is a region that covers parts of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, recognised as the biggest of the world’s remaining undeveloped minerals deposits: here.

Mozambique: MAPUTO, Sep 20, 2010 (IPS) – Civil society groups are challenging a six-month authorisation granted aluminium giant BHP Billiton to emit potentially dangerous fumes from its Mozal smelter into the air without treating them first: here.

4 thoughts on “Australia, a Big Mining plutocracy?

  1. Rail link exploits huge coal deposit

    Mongolia: MPs have approved plans for a rail line to help mining transnationals exploit large coal deposits in the south.

    The huge Tavan Tolgoi coking coal deposit in the Gobi region, with estimated reserves of 6 billion tons, has attracted interest from China’s Shenhua Energy, a Russian consortium led by Gazprom and Australia’s BHP Billiton.


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