Anti-war demonstration in London

This video from England is called Jeremy Corbyn MP Speaks against Trident Replacement.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Protest on Budget Day – Cut the War – Scrap Trident

Demonstrate Budget Day: Tuesday 22 June

Cut the war, not schools and hospitals

Scrap Trident, not public services

4.30pm – 6.30pm Parliament Square London

Called by Stop the War Coalition and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

On Budget day the government will announce massive cuts in public services, with the exception of the defence budget. Four billion a year is being wasted on the futile war in Afghanistan, enough to build 200 new schools. An astronomical £70 billion is still planned to be spent on the Trident nuclear missile system.

Join the protest outside Parliament.

Germany’s Mission in Afghanistan: Ex-Defense Officials Skeptical of Success: here.

According to the Wall Street Journal, military commanders in Afghanistan have arrived at the conclusion that allowing billions of dollars to flow to local and international contractors with the scantest of oversight is kind of a big problem. They “now believe,” the Journal reports, that “the massive infusions of cash are helping engender a culture of corruption that has undermined Afghan support for the government of President Hamid Karzai and the NATO forces that back it”: here.

2 thoughts on “Anti-war demonstration in London

  1. Towards Nuclear Free World

    By Christine Gamal

    In memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that happened in August 1945 when the United States of America dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima , then three days later followed by bombing on Nagasaki .

    These atom bombs were the equivalent of 20,000 tons of TNT , which flattened the city , killing tens of thousands of civilians .

    Despite the enoromous damage followed these atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki some media approved of the bombing of Japan .

    After 65 years of experience of living with the threat of nuclear weapons we have the necessary means to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons and found that the International Humanitarian Law consider the nuclear weapons ” the most indiscriminate , disproportionate , inhumane weapons ever created ” .

    One of the most important nuclear tipping point happened was that many former U.S national security officials – both Republican and Democrats – now advocate elimination of nuclear weapons , at the forefront are Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, former secretaries of state under Republican presidents, William Perry, former secretary of defence under a Democratic president and Sam Nunn former Democratic US senator who chaired the senate armed service committee. These four men co-wrote two important opinion pieces published in Wall Street Journal “A Nuclear Free World” January 4, 2007 and “Towards a Nuclear Free World” January 15, 2008 .

    Worldwide Military Spending :

    The yearbook by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institution confirmed that the worldwide spending on armament and arms purchases reached high level exceed trillion dollars last year.

    This book that released recently under the title “Armament , disarmament , International Security ” say that Global military spending rose 50% during the past 10 years which reached 1.46 trillion $, mentioned that US accounted more than half of the total spending .

    Although US topped the list of global military spending , China and Russia doubled their military spending three times and the arms spending increased fastest in Asian countries with China raising its military expenditure most followed by India .

    The US headed the list of the world’s top 10 arms buyers last year, spending US$661 billion on military equipment. It was followed by China (spending an estimated US$100 billion), France (US$63.9 billion), Britain (US$58.3 billion, Russia (an estimated US$53.3 billion) and Japan (US$51.8 billion), the yearbook shows.

    The 2010 Yearbook also says that eight states — the US, Russia, the UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, and Israel — possess between them nearly 8,000 operational nuclear weapons.

    And Mr Sam Freeman the president of Stockholm International Peace Research Institution confirmed that ” war on terrorism ” encouraged many countries to solve its problems through increase its military capabilities , so many countries depended on war on terrorism to justify its increasing in military spending , as the war on Iraq and Afghan cost the US 903 billion of dollars .as an additional military expenditure.

    Steps towards a nuclear free world and in particular the middle east zone :

    First we must recognise that the road to zero and eliminating the nuclear weapons is formidable , as many experienced people have decided that a world without nuclear weapons is beyond imagination .

    There are many steps that could help us to reinvigorate the international non proliferation and the global nuclear disarmament regime :

    1- Bring the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty into force .

    2- Negotiating a treaty eliminating the production of fissile materials for use in weapons .

    3- Make a great efforts to persuade the international community about the essential understanding of the importance to ban nuclear weapons, and to the threat of nuclear terrorism made nuclear weapons more dangerous .

    4- Dismantlment of former test sites and fissile material production facilities .

    5- Creation of alternative approaches to meet military and political objective, so we need much efforts to devote these alternative approaches .

    6- Disposal of nuclear materials for weapons purpose .

    7- Development of new technologies for nuclear fuel cycle .

    8- Implementation of effective and reliable safeguards and security measures .

    9- Phase out and then eliminating of highly enriched uranium and plutonium from civilian sectors and substitude HEU with Low Enriched Uranium .

    10- There must be reliable and transparent international verification regime .

    Examples for nuclear disarmament :

    1- South Africa has given up its nuclear capabilities when it dismantled its nuclear programme on 1989 by that decision South Africa acheived greater security and stability as a result, by that action South Africa has been a strong and effective leader in the international community around nonproliferation issues .

    2- Kazakhstan choose to close its nuclear site and remove all nuclear weapons and material from the country as it cooperated with United States on this decision took place in 1991.

    3- The New Strategic Arms Reduction treaty signed by the united states and russia in april 2010 as is offensive arms agreement to replace the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I), which expired in December 2009 and this treaty must be described as a positive action from both sides .

    Finally we must promote nuclear disarmament and nuclear non proliferation , it is first necessary to limit the role of nuclear weapons , for this reason countries should renounce and publicly declare their commitment to the policy of “No First Use” , as the adoption of a no first use policy would restrict and eliminate the use of nuclear weapons , and let the world live in a more safe and peaceful enviroment.


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