Redshanks and little ringed plovers

Today, again to the reserve where the Baillon’s crakes nested last year.

Reed warbler singing. Many swifts.

A gadwall with two nearly full grown young.

Many grey lag geese with goslings.

A reed bunting singing.

Where the Baillon’s crakes nested last year: shelducks; oystercatchers; tufted ducks; moorhens; coots; and three barnacle geese flying.

Lapwing. Edible frog sound.

On a small muddy island, a redshank tries in vain to drive two little ringed plovers away.

This is a little ringed plover video.

On the big mudflat, a third little ringed plover.

Red-headed small coot chicks.

A great crested grebe with chicks.

In the northern part of the reserve, in this breeding season, a few black-tailed godwits are left from the over a 100 of the spring migration season here.

A house martin.

RSPB links up with [Walsall] football club to save the swift: here.

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