BP oil keeps killing turtles

This video is about the Playa Ostional, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It shows an olive ridley turtle re-entering the ocean after laying eggs.

From KRISTV in Texas, USA:

Released Sea Turtles Swim Straight For Disaster

By Mitch Bryan

Posted : Jun 14, 2010 9:26 PM

CORPUS CHRISTI – It was a bittersweet moment Monday night, when Turtle Patrollers released a Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle, back into the wild.

Unfortunately they say many of the turtles released here, end up heading straight for the oil infested waters.

Donna Shafer with the Turtle Patrol said, “They’re going to go where they’re going to go. It’s just heartbreaking to see when they’re headed into harm’s way.”

Around three PM Monday afternoon, Turtle Patrollers at the National Seashore, came across a fifteen-year old Kemp Ridley’s Sea Turtle as she just finished laying her eggs. All 82 of them!

The team captured the turtle and attached a transmitter to her shell. The group is especially interested in tracking her, because the last few turtles released, have swam directly into trouble.

“Many of the turtles I’ve tracked in the past have gone right to where this oil spill is located. Right to waters off of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or the West coast of Florida,” said Shafer.

And with tragic images like the ones coming from the spill‘s location, the thought of sending this girl into dangerous waters, has the team awfully worried.

“Hopefully they’ll avoid the oil, but unfortunately, of the five transmitters that we currently have out, we’ve got two of the turtles that have already finished nesting and they’re already on their way up there towards the oil spill,” Shafer said,

And as this resilient reptile made her way back to the gulf, the workers watched on, hoping for the best.

Her eggs will hatch in August, when they too will have to face the troubled waters that await them.

“Virtual Gaming Saves Turtles Caught in Oil Spill – Bright Side of News”.

Email from BP Engineer called Deepwater Horizon rig a ‘nightmare well’ six days before explosion: here.

The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is a corporate crime whose magnitude almost defies comprehension. The ecological and economic cost—combining damage to complex Gulf and coastal ecosystems, wiping out of the fishing and tourism industries, and long-term health consequences for the population of the region—is likely to total over $1 trillion: here.

The Obama administration said Monday that it will press BP to set up an escrow account for compensating Gulf Coast residents, totaling in the “billions of dollars,” a tiny fraction of the economic impact of the Gulf oil disaster: here.

Oiled birds everywhere, but little rescue crews can do: Michael Seymour peers at the oiled pelican: here.

Our Aug ’06 exposé “Big, Easy Money: Disaster Profiteering on the American Gulf Coast,” one year after Katrina: here.

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