Dutch World Cup victory joy

Today, at the World Cup in South Africa, the Dutch football team won 2-0 from Denmark.

Early in the second half of the game, the Danish player Simon Paulsen scored an own goal.

Dirk Kuyt's goal

Just before the end, Dutch substitute player Eljero Elia hit the goalpost, and Dirk Kuyt scored in the rebound.

After the game, nearly half of the people on the street had one or more orange (the national team colour) clothes items on: shirts, ribbons in hair, etc. At least one person had a vuvuzela (South African music instrument, well known from soccer games). Two boys on a moped had orange shirts on, and South African makarapa football headgear on their heads. When they passed a girl on a bicycle with orange dyed hair on the other side of the street, everyone cheered.

USA: Glenn Beck‘s Blues: Why the Far Right Hates Soccer: here.

Isn’t it fabulous and a sign of how the world has turned to hear the world media use the name “Moses Mabhida” over and over again, albeit in the context of the current football World Cup and the naming of one of the top stadiums after him: here.

Riot police charged into hundreds of security stewards protesting over low wages at a World Cup stadium on Sunday, using tear gas and firing rubber bullets to break up the rally: here. And here.

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