BP pollution continues

This video from the USA is called BP Oil Spill Responsible for Death of Thousands of Animals.

Scientists locate 23-mile long oil plume off Florida’s Treasure Coast: here.

Oil Spill Media Access: BP Officials Continue To Block Reporters: here.

This video from the USA is called BP Blocking Media Access? New Orleans interview.

This satirical video is called BP Spills Coffee.

BP Irony: here.

Latest to pile on BP: Oil company rivals: here.

BP Call Center Employee Admits: ‘We’re A Diversion’: here.

Operator At BP Call Center Says Company Never Does Anything With The Calls: We’re Just A ‘Diversion’: here.

Bigwigs Pressured: The Richly Compensated Men Behind the BP Spill: here.

Unwinding the BP spin: here.

Shrimp, crab fishing closed off Fla. Panhandle: here.

Don’t kill oiled birds, say UC Davis experts: here.

Hurricanes Could Bust Gulf Oil Pipelines: Hurricanes cause currents and underwater mudslides: here.

Steven Kinzer on the History of BP/British Petroleum And Its Role in the 1953 Iran Coup: here.

1962 ad: Oil — enough energy to melt glaciers! (And sully the Gulf): here.

BP Engineer Called Doomed Rig a “Nightmare Well”: here.

BP, world’s 4th largest corporation, claims it is being picked on. Reality: it isn’t being penalized nearly enough: here.


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