BP kills birds, turtles, dolphins


This video from the USA says about itself:

The astonishing news that the oil leak at the bottom of the sea may be twice as big as previously thought could have major repercussions for both the environment and BP‘s financial health, killing more marine life and dramatically increasing the amount the company must pay in fines and damages.

From Science News Blog:

Website Tallies Animals Killed by BP Oil Spill

A website named Daily Dead Birds is tracking the number of birds, turtles and mammals killed by the BP oil spill. The website’s data comes from consolidated Unified Area Command fish and wildlife collection reports. You can see the latest report used by the website here (PDF file).

The site’s updates can also be obtained on Twitter by following @bpdeadbirds

Slideshow: Six dead dolphins, birds and other wildlife affected by oil spill: here.

In a White House meeting next week, BP will reportedly seek an agreement with the Obama adminsitration that will limit liabilities in return for a temporary delay of a scheduled dividend: here.

BP oil spill: Tide of anger may turn an ecological tragedy into a political nightmare: here.

President Obama will address the nation Tuesday night on the BP oil spill: here.

The failure of BP’s “top kill” operation — the pumping of heavy mud to stop the flowing well – on May 30 has highlighted BP’s utter lack of preparedness for disasters like this. Its series of makeshift measures have all failed: here.

Plan to Burn Excess Oil From BP Well Raises Health Questions: here.

A Tourist Mecca Fears a Long-Term Oil Smear: here.

With BP oil spill coming to shore — wildlife and birds are dying by the thousands: here.

Sea turtle swims through oil to nest on Alabama beach: here.

The BP oil spill’s cruel toll of wildlife: here.

And again, BP is blocking media access: here.

BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR: here.

Discovery Animals: Honey May Heal Wounded Sea Turtles: here.

Photos: Chevron spills up to 500 gallons of oil in Utah. Geese, Ducks covered in oil: here.

Utah Oil Spill Coats Ducks, Geese; Contaminates Local Ponds: here.

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