World’s oldest shoe discovered

This video from Armenia says about itself:

10 June 2010 — In this video you can see not only the oldest shoe in the world found in Armenia and made 5500 years ago, but also the cave in the central Armenia where the shoe is found. Dr. Ron Pinhasi from the Department of Archeology at the University College Cork in Ireland tells about the oldest shoe in the world found in a large cave near the village of Areni. The region is known for its great red wines as well.

The Armenian shoe is dated between 3600-3400 BC. Dr. Pinhasi says what is interesting is that the shoe is made of leather, and it’s a processed leather, which tells about a developed culture in Armenia 5000 years ago. We are talking about a time frame that is nearly 1000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids.

From Discovery News:

Oldest Shoe Found Buried in Sheep Dung

The leather lace-up moccasin with straw padding was found in an Armenian cave and dates to 5,500 years ago.

See also here.

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