Economic crisis, workers resisting

USA: With long-term unemployment at its highest level since records began in the 1940s, the Obama administration and Democratic congressional leaders are abandoning even the wholly inadequate economic stimulus measures of last year and focusing instead on budget-cutting and austerity: here.

On Monday, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron called for drastic cuts in public spending to tackle Britain’s budget deficit: here.

On May 28, the principal of the University of Glasgow spoke at a meeting to justify cuts and the downsizing of the university: here.

The €80 billion austerity package announced last weekend by the German government has triggered outrage and shock in wide sections of the population: here.

This video from Spain says about itself:

24 February 2010 — Demonstrations called on by unions to protest against the government change of retirement age from 65 to 67.

Spain: On Tuesday, 2 million public sector workers participated in strikes and demonstrations against the austerity policies of social-democratic Prime Minister Jose Luiz Zapatero: here.

Draconian austerity measures are being imposed on the Danish workers by the conservative government presently in power, including plans to sack 20,000 public sector workers. This has provoked a massive worker backlash, with the recent 80,000-strong demonstration in Copenhagen: here.

Recent surveys reveal that malnutrition is rife amongst Sri Lankan children and women, highlighting the impact of the 30-year anti-Tamil war and endemic poverty: here.

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