Rare sea lamprey in Dutch river

This is a sea lamprey video.

Translated from the Dutch ichthyologists of RAVON:

Press release by RAVON Foundation on Sunday, June 6, 2010

During a survey by the RAVON volunteers group Gelderland Fishermen on May 31 last, a spectacular fish was caught in the river Waal near Nijmegen. It was a young sea lamprey of 16.5 centimeter long. In the big rivers, the sea lamprey is a rare species. Most sightings are of adult fish that go from the sea to fresh water to spawn. The capture of a young lamprey going towards the sea to grow up is very special.

A team led by Jay Storz (prounounced storts), assistant professor of biological sciences, analyzed the complete genome sequences of multiple vertebrate species and found that jawless fishes (e.g., lampreys and hagfish) and jawed vertebrates (pretty much everything else, including humans) independently invented different mechanisms of blood-oxygen transport to sustain aerobic metabolism: here.

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