Indonesian bird threatened

Semioptera wallacei by Bowdler Sharpe

From Antara news agency in Indonesia:

North Maluku “Angel Bird” on brink of extinction

Sunday, June 6, 2010 17:01 WIB

Ternate, N Maluku (ANTARA News) – Due to the worsening forest condition in North Maluku, Angle bird (Semioptera wallacii) in the province is on the brink of extinction.

“The bird`s habitats deteriorate due to forest encroachment and illegal logging activities,” Djafar, an activist, said here, Sunday.

Besides, some parts of the province`s forest area have been converted into plantation areas, transmigration sites, forest concession (HPH) areas and mining sites, he said.

Djafar said that mining and forest concession played a major role in the bird`s extinction, as the birds lost their habitat, which is the local forest where they usually take shelter and find food in big trees.

“Ironically, licenses for both forest harmful activities are easily issued by the local officials who are supposedly responsible for the preservation effort,” he said.

Most of the Angel bird`s habitats in Halmahera, North Halmahera, and central Halmahera districts have been converted into mining areas.

Djafar urged all parties to be aware and serious in preserving the birds, as North Maluku is their native origin.

North Maluku authorities must turn the forest into conservation area in order to preserve the Angel bird.

To raise local people`s awareness on the importance of the Angel bird preservation, local schools must help educate the children about the endangered birds.

A special study on the Angel Bird population has not been done yet, but it is certain that it has declined since the 1980s due to the continued deforestation.

From Wikipedia:

The Standardwing, Semioptera wallacii, also known as Wallace’s Standardwing, is a medium-sized, approximately 28 cm long, olive-brown bird of paradise.

June 2010: Indonesia’s forests, which have been severely diminished by logging and burning in recent decades, have received a boost as the Government of Indonesia doubled the size of the country’s first forest for ‘ecosystem restoration’: here.

Biogeology of Wallacea: geotectonic models, areas of endemism, and natural biogeographical units: here.

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