BP threatens coral reefs

This video from the USA is called Dr Reese Halter – MSNBC – The Ed Show – BP Oil Spill, Corals and Medicines.

From ScienceDaily:

Oil Spill Puts Commercially Significant Cold-Water Reefs in Peril

(June 6, 2010) — Thousands of barrels of oil are leaking out of the Deepwater Horizon site each day. The oil ascends from depths of approximately 1502 m. (4928 ft.), but not all of it reaches the sea surface. The stratified seawater of the Gulf of Mexico captures or slows the ascent of the oil, and the addition of dispersants near the oil source produces tiny droplets that float for a considerable time in the water column and may never reach the surface.

Oil Washing Up in Beach Towns Riles Officials | Second Day of Oil on White Sand Beaches of Alabama: here.

Exxon still owes money for Valdez spill: here.

Pelicans struggle in thick oil in Louisiana – raw video shows oil covered bird struggle to fly before it gets rescued: here.

Birds drenched in oil in Grand Isle – BP Oil disaster Gulf of Mexico (USA): here.

BP Ad Campaign Boomerangs: here.

BP Could Face Massive Fines Under Clean Water Act: Washington: here.

Pristine coral reef revealed in Pacific Ocean: here.

June 2010. Discoveries about tropical coral reefs are expected to be invaluable in efforts to restore the corals, which are succumbing to bleaching and other diseases at an unprecedented rate as ocean temperatures rise worldwide. The research gives new insights into how the scientists can help to preserve or restore the coral reefs that protect coastlines, foster tourism, and nurture many species of fish: here.

Research expedition in Mediterranean finds deep-sea coral: here.

Global warming killing off coral in Red Sea: here.

Rare Coral Discovered in Pacific Ocean: Possibly the first glimpse of this coral species in 100 years: here.

Scientists from Smithsonian National Zoo & U of Hawaii put corals on ice to preserve their diversity: here.

Massive coral mortality following bleaching in Indonesia: here.

Although coral reefs cover less than 1% of the seafloor, they sustain 25% of all marine animals: here.

4 thoughts on “BP threatens coral reefs

  1. Global warming ‘killing off species’

    Red Sea: Marine biologists have revealed that global warming is killing off a major coral species in the Red Sea.

    Oceanographers have found that a rise of just 1.5ºC in the temperature of the sea that lies between Egypt and Saudi Arabia had caused a 30 per cent decline in Diploastrea Heliopora, a spectacular form of coral that looks like a huge bubble wrap.

    Researcher Neal Cantin warned that “the warming of the Red Sea – average summer temperatures are now 31 degrees – mean that the coral could cease growing altogether by 2070.”



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