BP pollution continuing

This video from the USA is called OIL SPILL, BP, Gulf Coast, Dolphins, Whales, Fishing, Endangered Species, Ocean, Scubadive.

On Friday, oil globules and sheen washed ashore on the Florida panhandle’s white sand beaches, delivering a heavy blow to the state’s struggling tourism industry. In Louisiana, heavy oil pushed its way further into biologically-rich estuaries and marshlands: here.

BP will likely proceed with a multibillion-dollar dividend payout to investors in spite of the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill resulting from the explosion of its leased Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20: here.

BP cleanup workers spending long hours on waters contaminated by oil and chemical dispersants have begun reporting health problems including headaches, nosebleeds, chest pains and dizziness: here.

Worries mount on oil spill health effects: here.

Feds Target Oil Spill Workers in Immigration Probe: here.

Mind-Exploding Irony: BP Gas Station Sign Tells Customers They Are Responsible For Spills: here.

More Oily Tar Washes Up on Fla., Ala. Beaches; Expert Says Not Enough Being Done to Remove Oil From Surface: here.

Oil Stains Beaches, Tourists; Allen Says Cap Collected 6,000 Barrels on 1st Day, but Orange Foam, Tar Balls Mar Beaches: here.

Oil reaches the beaches of Alabama: here.

BP oil spill could reach Atlantic coast: here.

WATCH: How to Clean an Oil-Coated Pelican: here.

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