Trafigura lied about pollution

This video from Britain is called Newsnight. Trafigura. Law firm Carter-Ruck. Private Eye. Toxic waste. Twitter.

Translated from Greenpeace in the Netherlands:

Dutch Advertising Code Committee: Trafigura misleads the public

June 4, 2010 10:20

The Advertising Code Committee (RCC) considers that the international oil company Trafigura has deceived the Dutch public. This happened last fall, September 30, in large advertisements in the newspapers. Trafigura said, among other things, that they had the best of intentions for the West African region, in response to earlier reports on the dumping of toxic waste.

This spring, Greenpeace complained to the RCC. The RCC has partly upheld Greenpeace’s complaint and Trafigura was, by order of June 3, 2010, recommended no longer to advertise in such a way. Marietta Harjono (Greenpeace): “We are delighted that the RCC has now confirmed that Trafigura misleads the public when they says they’re best for the West African region. That is what is at stake. It is strange that Trafigura still says that it has nothing to answer for.”

The RCC believes that Trafigura has misled the public by advertising, stating that “Trafigura always strives for a good interpretation of its economic and social involvement in the West African region.” According to the RCC, Greenpeace has contested that Trafigura claim with valid points, by pointing out various actions by Trafigura in the Probo Koala [ship] affair. Examples of these actions were presented by Greenpeace to the Advertising Code Committee:

– Although the waste could be processed correctly in Europe, Trafigura had this done in Africa for profit reasons and thereby violated EU rules
– Trafigura knowingly took the risk of harm to people and environment in Amsterdam and various African countries, concealing the true nature of the waste and attempting to get rid of the waste without the necessary precautions
– Trafigura delivered the waste to the Ivorian company Tommy, without carefully checking whether this newly formed company would be able to handle the waste properly. Trafigura puts all the blame on Tommy, whose owner is now serving a prison sentence of 20 years.

London air pollution ‘worst in Europe’: here.

Air pollution leads to premature deaths of more than 4,000 Londoners a year: here.

7 thoughts on “Trafigura lied about pollution

  1. Trafigura misled with newspaper ad: advertising standards body

    Friday 04 June 2010

    Oil trader Trafigura misled the public when it published advertisments in a number of Dutch newspapers claiming the company had done its best to be economically and socially responsible in western Africa, the advertising standards authority said on Thursday.

    The complaint was brought by environmental organisation Greenpeace.

    The authority said the passage in the advert in which Trafigura said it ‘always strives for positive economic and social involvement in the West African region’ was ‘misleading and unfair’.

    The claim relates to the Probo Koala scandal, in which tonnes of toxic waste owned by Trafigura was dumped in Ivory coast by an unqualified local contractor.

    Not dangerous

    But Greenpeace’s complaint that the advert also stated an independent British judge had agreed the waste dumped in Ivory coast was not dangerous was rejected.

    The commission said the advert made it clear enough to the average consumer that the statement was part of a settlement between the company and 30,000 Ivory Coast people who claim to be victims of the dumping.

    According to the Volkskrant, Trafigura tried to have the complaint rejected by saying it was not an advert but a form of freedom of expression. The commission said the publication was a ‘public praising of goods and services’ and as such fell under its control.



  2. Vanguard (Lagos)

    Nigeria: Another Toxic Waste Vessel Arrested in Lagos

    Godfrey Bivbere, Godwin Oritse and Ifeyinwa Obi

    4 June 2010

    FEW weeks after the controversial vessel, MV Maersk Nashville, allegedly carrying a container laden with toxic materials was intercepted in Lagos, another vessel, M.V. Gumel was, yesterday, detained for bringing into the country, eight containers laden with materials suspected to be toxic.

    The ship which berthed at the Tin-can Port, was detained on the orders of officials of the National Environmental Standards Regulations Enforcement Agency, NESREA.

    Officials of NESREA, Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, and Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, were inspecting the six 40 footer and two 20 footer containers on board the ship when Vanguard visited the port.

    Head of NESREA at the port, Mrs. Miranda Amachree, told Vanguard that they got intelligence report from their counterpart in Antwerp that the vessel was bringing used fridges, used television sets, compressor pots and used batteries.

    Amachree explained that the report from Antwerp was a result of the agreement entered into by Nigeria and other nationals to do away with Chloro fluoro carbon, CFC, which were brought in by the vessel.

    She said Nigeria was a signatory to Basil Convention which sought to eliminate the use of CFC because of its effect on the ozone layer.

    Nwankpa Chijioke

    M.V Gumel the ship suspected to be carrying Toxic waste at the Tincan Island Port Lagos.

    Amachree said: “CFC is no longer in use in Europe and what they do is that some of them connive with Nigerians to send them here.”

    She said that the Nigerian Navy would have stopped the vessel from coming into the country since it had the Automated Information System, AIS, but that they did not seem to have the information on time.

    A source in Abuja told Vanguard that 41 containers came from Antwerp but officials in that country intercepted 33 while the other eight got away.

    Public Relations Officer of the Tin-Can Island Command of the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, Christian Osunkwo, who earlier spoke with Vanguard said that Customs got advance notice of the arrival of the vessel since May 21 and that the vessel was watched by Customs officials until the allegation of toxic materials in the containers were confirmed.

    Gas leakage

    Meantime, the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, NESREA, has reassured residents of Kaduna and Nigerians that the gas leakage which occurred on 29 May, in which over 300 people were hospitalized was a result of their inhaling the gas that was under control.

    A statement from the agency said: “Soon after the leakage was noticed the Agency dispatched a high powered team of officers to the scene of incident at the Scrap Iron Market, DICON Road, Kakuri Industrial Area, Kaduna South, Kaduna State.


  3. 31 mei 2010

    ‘Milieuramp Probo Koala moet mensenrechtenzaak worden’

    tilburg – Het gifschandaal rond de Probo Koala, waarbij in Ivoorkust vermoedelijk zestien doden vielen, moet voor het Europees hof voor de Rechten van de Mens worden gebracht. De milieuschade in Ivoorkust is zo omvangrijk dat van schendingen van mensenrechten sprake is.

    Dit schrijft hoogleraar Internationaal Milieurecht J. Verschuuren van de Universiteit van Tilburg in een boek van het gerenommeerde International Victimology Institute, dat binnenkort uitkomt. Verschuuren wijdt een heel hoofdstuk aan de positie van de slachtoffers van de Probo Koala.

    Aan de vooravond van de beperkte Nederlandse Trafigura-strafzaak, die morgen in Amsterdam van start gaat, pleit de hoogleraar voor een internationaal proefproces namens de slachtoffers. Daarin zal het moeten gaan om de vraag of Nederland vanwege het feit dat het het gifschip Probo Koala uit Amsterdam liet vertrekken, mensenrechten van burgers in Ivoorkust schond.


  4. Trafigura have obviously been taking lessons from the New Zealand Government, the scale of Toxin Dumping in Africa is staggering but the noises from the NZ Government sound just the same, not dangerous, not our responsibility! In NZ they buried some of their toxic wastes, 2,4,5-T in particular and then almost half the councils in the country accidentally lost the record of where it was buried, some coincidence that! I guess the toxic waste ships circle Africa looking for a dumping ground and then lose the records too!


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