British nazi hatefest cancelled

This video from England says about itself:

18 juli 2008 — This video shows how the BNP and Nazi football hooligans helped to start the Oldham Riots, which occurred when UK Fascist leader and BNP chairman Nick Griffin just happened to be campaigning for election as a BNP candidate election in Oldham! Coincidence?

Radical nationalist, Fascist and Nazi leaders obviously want to make sure it’s their foot-soldiers that go to prison, not they themselves, so, since the Nuremberg Trials it has been a top priority for all Nazi leaders to make sure they don’t leave physical evidence of their having issued orders to commit the hate crimes they encourage. In their desperation to cynically CREATE PROBLEMS from which they can offer “solutions” drawn from their psychotic ideology, in Oldham, as elsewhere, rather than issuing direct orders, the extreme right used an informal network of mobile phone contacts to organise the confrontations that sparked the infamous “race riot”. Oldham is a deprived area and has serious problems, but if the Nazis hadn’t organised several hundred of the most violent psychopaths in Britain to group together on the edge of one predominantly Asian housing estate, do you think we would have seen the “race” riot the BNP so desperately wanted?

From British daily The Independent:

BNP festival cancelled

By Ellen Branagh, Press Association

The BNP’s controversial Red, White and Blue Festival has been cancelled this year, the party confirmed today.

The rally has been held in Codnor, Derbyshire, for the past few years, sparking a significant policing operation.

At last August’s event a total of 19 people were arrested after around 1,500 anti-fascist demonstrators from across Britain joined a protest march near the site.

Neo-Nazis convicted of race hate charges: here.

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