Stop gassing geese, Dutch judge says

This is a video about barnacle geese.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

June 3, 2010 10:30

Canada geese, grey lag geese and barnacle geese should not be killed by carbon dioxide gas. This was decided by the Administrative Court this Wednesday in Utrecht in a trial after the Dutch Fauna Protection organization had sued [provincial authorities]. …

Egyptian Geese and so-called “soup geese” – feral domestic geese – are not protected by bird protection rules. Therefore those may continue to be gassed, the court concluded.

This is a video about barnacle geese on Islay, Scotland.

New Zealand: This giant flightless, short-legged goose stood about 1m tall and weighed up to 15 kilgrams. Bones have been found in swamps and caves in the North West and Eastern areas of the South Island. There was a smaller North Island sub-species which was also flightless, and remains of this bird have been found throughout the North Island: here.

Leucistic greylag goose in Gosport: here.

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