Mysterious fish and squid journeys

Giant grenadier fish

From the BBC:

Deep sea fish ‘mystery migration’ across Pacific Ocean

By Matt Walker
Editor, Earth News

Deep sea fish species found in the north Pacific Ocean have mysteriously been caught in the southwest Atlantic, on the other side of the world.

It is unclear how the animals, a giant rattail grenadier, pelagic eelpout and deep sea squid, travelled so far.

Their discovery 15,000km from their usual home raises the possibility that deep sea currents can transport animals from one polar region to another.

Details are published in the journal Deep Sea Research part I.

“These findings were completely unexpected,” says Dr Alexander Arkhipkin of the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department, based in Stanley, on the Falkland Islands in the southwest Atlantic Ocean.

Since 1987, the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department has performed surveys of fish caught by commercial and research fishing trawlers travelling above the Patagonian Shelf and slope around the islands.

Commercial longline catches of Patagonian toothfish have also been examined.

Recently, these catches have brought to the surface animals previously unknown in the southwest Atlantic.

For example, Dr Arkhipkin and colleagues Dr Vladimir Laptikhovsky and Dr Paul Brickle report a 81cm-long grenadier fish belonging to the genus Albatrossia caught by the longline fishery set to catch Patagonian toothfish.

Another deepwater trawl caught a small 15cm-long pelagic eelpout at a depth of 1000m.

Experts have identified this fish as being a member of the slipskin species Lycodapus endemoscotus.

Previously both species were only known from the deepwaters of the north Pacific Ocean.

A small immature 11cm-long north Pacific gonate squid Gonatopsis octopedatus was also recovered from a trawl south of the Falkland Islands.

Genetic analyses confirmed the identification, which is the first time any member of this squid genus has been recorded in the southern hemisphere.

Pregnant European eelpout fish suckles young embryos: here.

25-Foot-Long Giant Squid Found Off Florida’s Coast : Discovery News: here.

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