BP, Halliburton, pollution and corruption

This video from the USA says about itself:

6 May 2010 — A young sea turtle, coated with rust-red oxidizing oil, struggles to climb onto a piece of driftwood to escape “dispersed” oil off Venice, LA. Our boat captain lifted the turtle out of the water, rinsed it in clean sea water, motored 2 miles away from the oil & released the turtle, who swam off like a little bottle rocket, looking much cleaner & more energetic than when we’d found it.

BP And Halliburton Try To Buy Off Government Officials Investigating Spill: here.

Fishermen Wait on Docks as Oil Gushes: here.

Underwater Oil Plumes Exposed Despite BP‘s Claims: here.

How Will the Oil Spill Impact the Gulf’s Dead Zone? Here.

PHOTOS: Horrifying Images Of Birds Covered In Oil: here.

Killed Transocean rig worker was fiercely concerned about BP‘s lax safety standards: here.

BP’s oil swallows hapless wildlife: video here.

6 thoughts on “BP, Halliburton, pollution and corruption

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