Chicago police torture trial starts

This video from the USA is called Survivors of Jon Burge‘s torture regime speak out.

The federal trial began last week for former Chicago police commander John [sic; Jon] Burge, who has long stood accused of torturing hundreds of poor, black prisoners beginning in the early 1970s. The case is a window to the meat-grinder of the city’s criminal justice system: here.

Jury Convicts Chicago Police Commander Of Lying About Torture: here.

The Guardian newspaper has revealed the existence of a “black site” on the West Side of Chicago, where police detain, beat and torture prisoners: here.

Chicago’s police have yet to put their murky past behind them: here.

Chicago police allegedly used sexual assault to coerce a man into participating in a drug sting: here.

New allegations of sexual assault, torture, and the planting of evidence by the Chicago Police Department (CPD) have come to light as part of ongoing revelations about the department’s “black site” at Homan Square. At least 17 victims have given first-hand accounts since the existence of Chicago’s interrogation site at Homan Square was exposed by the Guardian in February: here.

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