BP destroys US Gulf Coast

This video from the USA says about itself:

On Front Lines of BP Oil Spill: Democracy Now! Travels Across Coastal Louisiana

The Justice Department has confirmed it’s opened a criminal and civil investigation into the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast, now believed to be the worst environmental disaster in US history. For residents of southern Louisiana, the spill is impacting the ecology, the economy and entire ways of life. Over the past several days, Democracy Now! traveled across the bayous and towns of coastal Louisiana meeting the people on the front lines of the onrush of BP’s oil slick. [includes rush transcript]

Deep sea corals can’t escape oilspill’s swath of destruction: here.

“Hooker hugger” David Vitter Also Loves BP – Supports Liability Cap: here.

444 dead birds, 222 dead sea turtles, 24 dead mammals (including dolphins) – and counting in BP oil spill: here.

Fishermen fear it might be 20 or 30 years before they’ll be able to fish again in the Gulf, if ever: here.

BP Bans Workers From Sharing Photos of Animals Killed by the Oil Spill: here.

BP’s media clampdown: No talking to fishermen, no photos of dead animals: here.

Oil cleanup workers fight back against BP: here.

Oil spill headed toward FL and Disney World. Mickey is outraged. BP’s biggest supporter is Goofy: here.

Tons of fishing boats were ready to jump in and protect Gulf fisheries weeks ago. But BP waited too long. Bird pics: here.

Bob Cesca: “Are we to believe that BP’s acting responsibly now? Not a chance in hell.” Here.

Louisiana congressman calls on BP CEO to resign: here.

Growing Evidence of Oil Spill’s Impacts on Dolphins, Sea Turtles: here. ~ Help here: here.

White House approves new oil well in Gulf. What happened to the moratorium? Here.

The Obama administration has been thrown into crisis by the BP oil eruption, the worst environmental disaster in US history. In a bid to contain mounting popular anger, it has announced a criminal probe into the April 20 oil rig explosion: here.

Guardian: Gulf oil spill: Senators ask BP to suspend dividend payments: here.

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