BP oil spill scandal continues

This video from the USA says about itself:

Anger Mounts in Gulf Coast Over BP Oil Spill

Democracy Now! travels to the Gulf region to investigating the massive BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. We play an address by George Barisich, the president of the United Commercial Fisherman’s Association who spoke on Sunday at a large protest in New Orleans near Jackson Square.

Bungling corporate giant BP was preparing yesterday to make a fresh bid to stem the flow of oil gushing relentlessly from the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico: here.

Oil complicates forecasts on hurricane season eve: here.

BP’s Stock PLUNGES, Company’s Future In Question After Oil Spill Fix Fails: here.

Outrage spurs BP boycott: here.

Six reasons not to trust BP: here.

Gulf Oil Spill Threatens Louisiana Native Americans’ Way of Life: here.

SpongeBob vs. BP (PICTURE): here.

What do the oil catastrophe and the Wall Street collapse have in common? In both cases, a powerful, politically protected industry invented something that could not easily be repaired when it broke. We seem to be entering an age when complex technologies, whether financial or physical, sometimes literally have no solutions when they go haywire in unanticipated ways. But the worst common element is this: both crises are teachable moments that our president could be using to transform public opinion. Yet despite these gifts from the progressive gods, President Obama seems congenitally unable to rise to the occasion: here.

BP vs. BP on Dispersants: here.

“Cut and cap” = BP doublespeak: here.

Dolphin, sea turtle deaths only the tip of the iceberg: here.

BP’s Photo Blockade of the Gulf Oil Spill | Newsweek: here.

Stocks take another late-day hit after news of criminal probe into Gulf spill pounds energy stocks: here.

2 thoughts on “BP oil spill scandal continues

  1. PM warned over oil prospecting

    Belize Environmental groups have sent a joint letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow warning against oil prospecting along the country’s coastline.

    Seventeen countries are currently scouring the ocean floor for deposits and the country is hoping that it will provide a boost to the economy.

    But the Unesco-listed area is also home to the world’s second largest coral reef.



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