Economic crisis, capitalism criticized

This video is called Anarchist analysis of the global capitalist crisis.

Britain: Some 250 readers and supporters debated the capitalist crisis and its solutions at the third annual Morning Star conference.

Britain: Unemployment has increased faster during the current recession than in the two downturns under the Tory governments of the 1980s and ’90s, the TUC has revealed.

TRADE unionists and campaigners called for a global fightback against attacks on employment rights at the Morning Star conference on Saturday.

The appeal by British Airways to its 40,000 employees to volunteer for up to a month’s unpaid leave or even unpaid work marks a new stage in the efforts by big business to impose the burden of the worsening economic crisis onto the working class: here.

Anger at RBS chief’s £10m incentive to clear up Sir Fred Goodwin‘s mess: here.

A couple of weeks ago, a poll conducted by the Harvard Institute of Politics found something startling: only 19% of Americans ages 18 to 29 identified themselves as “capitalists.” In the richest and most market-oriented country in the world, only 42% of that group said they “supported capitalism.” The numbers were higher among older people; still, only 26% considered themselves capitalists. A little over half supported the system as a whole: here.

THE UN warned at the weekend that the global financial meltdown has pushed the ranks of the world’s hungry to a record 1 billion: here.

USA: Unemployment rose in 48 of 50 states in May, reaching record-high levels in eight states. The statistics foretell social misery for tens of millions, while the ruling elite, led by the Obama administration, has seized on the crisis as a long-awaited chance to restructure class relations to its advantage for decades to come: here.

For the vast majority of New York City’s more than eight million people, those who depend upon their paychecks to make a living, the financial crisis unleashed by the speculative and often criminal activities of those being bailed out on Wall Street has meant attacks on jobs, wages and benefits: here.

This video is called Workers in NYC oppose budget cuts in healthcare and social services.

Americans are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the state of the nation’s health care system: here.

Finance union Unite has reacted with dismay at plans by part-nationalised Royal Bank of Scotland to axe 500 more jobs over the next three years.

4 thoughts on “Economic crisis, capitalism criticized

  1. Support U.E. Workers—Protest Wells Fargo

    The Bail Out the People Movement is urging everyone to show support for the United Electrical (UE) union workers who are fighting to save their jobs. Once again they are up against the big banks. On Tues., June 23, there will be a national day of protest at Wells Fargo offices across the country.

    In addition, Wells Fargo has been sued by the City of Baltimore for targeting the Black community in the sale of sub-prime mortgage loans which have increased the foreclosure rate and devastated the community.

    Join the protests below or organize one at your nearest Wells Fargo office.

    Below is a message from the union:



    Please take action to assist the sisters and brothers of UE Local 1174 now battling to save their jobs at Quad City Die Casting company in Moline, Illinois. The giant Wells Fargo bank has cut off the line of credit to the company, despite taking more than $25 billion in taxpayer bailout monies. As a result, after more than 60 years of operation, the company may be forced to liquidate. Please take a moment to visit the web pages at and which contain background information and updates.

    On Tuesday, June 23rd, demonstrations and actions in support of these UE members will take place in these and other cities across the country: Baltimore, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Charleston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, Costa Mesa, as well as Atlanta, Denver, Erie, LaCrosse, Orlando, Portland, and Washington, DC.

    See the full list with contact information at

    Send a message to Congress in support of the Local 1174 members at

    Thanks for your support, and please visit the Web page for updates and news of this important struggle to break through the Wells Fargo Roadblock to Recovery.


  2. Activists launch RBS lawsuit

    Environment: Three environmental groups have launched a High Court lawsuit against the Treasury in a bid to prevent taxpayers’ money pumped into Royal Bank of Scotland being invested in projects linked to climate change.

    The World Development Movement, Platform and People and Planet claim that the government has breached its own policy to reduce carbon emissions by using public funds to bail out RBS, which previously marketed itself as “the oil and gas bank.”

    According to the campaigners, the bank – now 70 per cent publicly owned – has contributed to loans to coal, oil and gas companies worth an estimated £10 billion since it was bailed out in October 2008.


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