BP polluters sued by conservationists

This video from the USA is called Raw Video: Cleaning a Bird Covered in Oil.

From Associated Press in the USA:

2 groups to sue BP under Endangered Species Act

NEW ORLEANS — Two groups say they’ll sue BP PLC for killing endangered species in the Gulf of Mexico by failing to stop the oil spill and by using dispersants under water and on the surface.

The Southern Environmental Law Center and Defenders of Wildlife on Tuesday sent BP a required 60-day notice that they plan to sue under the Endangered Species Act.

Attorney Catherine Wannamaker says they want to make sure that BP is held accountable for all the losses that may occur, and for restoring endangered species.

At least three environmental lawsuits have been filed under the National Environmental Policy Act, which doesn’t require prior notice.

The Corporate Stranglehold: How BP Will Make out Like Bandits from Its Massive, Still Gushing Oil Disaster: here.

“Angered” NWF President Blasts Lax Drilling Oversight: here.

White House admits BP disaster worst spill in US history: here.

Oil reaches Louisiana shores, photos here.

2 thoughts on “BP polluters sued by conservationists

  1. An outdated law takes BP off the hook for damages above $75 million, even though this is less than one day’s profit for BP.

    Tell Congress to make Big Oil polluters pay the full cost of their negligence.

    Bob Fertik


    National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

    Dear Friend,

    BP spills the oil, YOU pay the price.

    Snowy Plover

    Write Congress today – tell them to hold Big Oil accountable!

    The snowy plover is one of the most at-risk species from the BP oil spill. As a beach-dweller, the plover is losing its habitat and its food supply to oil contamination. Plovers are threatened by hypothermia and by poisoning from eating smaller oil-covered invertebrates.

    Due to outdated legislation, an oil company like BP, which is spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic oil into the Gulf of Mexico, is only liable for up to $75 million in clean up costs.

    But right now there’s a bill before Congress that would raise the cap on oil company liabilities – meaning that companies like BP would pay the total clean up costs related to these disasters.

    Tell your members of Congress to raise the cap on oil company liabilities to make sure polluters like BP pay the full cost of their actions.

    We can’t put a price on the wildlife already impacted by this disaster. But we can make sure that oil companies are held responsible for the total costs to clean up environmental disasters.

    For a company like BP, the current $75 million cap is less than one day’s profits. The balance is passed on to you, the American taxpayer.

    Tell Congress that we need legislation that makes companies like BP pay the full cost of their impact on our wildlife and our communities.

    Oil companies and other corporations must be held accountable to paying the full cost that their negligence has on our communities and our natural world. America’s fish and wildlife, and the many communities and jobs dependent on them, hang in the balance.

    Tell your senators to support new legislation that makes sure that companies who cause environmental disasters pay the full cost for clean up.

    Thank you for taking action at this critical time.


    Julia Marden
    Online Grassroots Coordinator
    National Wildlife Federation Action Fund


  2. Fish stocks depleted through Gulf spill

    Turkmenistan News.Net
    Tuesday 25th May, 2010

    The US has declared danger zones for fishing in Gulf waters.
    The US has declared danger zones for fishing in Gulf waters.

    A fishery emergency is now in force in the Gulf of Mexico because of BP oil spill.

    The impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on fisheries in the region has now caused 20% of the commercial and recreational fisheries in the area to be locked down.

    The federal government has promised that fishermen will now receive a full range of assistance, both for workers in the industry and families in their communities.

    Fishing is worth US$2.4 billion in the Gulf states.

    The worst hit state for the fishing industry is Louisiana, which first called for the emergency declaration based on the anticipated environmental damage from the spill.


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