Carp spawning video

This is a video from the Netherlands about carp spawning.

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  1. Britain’s biggest fish dies


    Last updated 12:10 18/08/2010

    Anglers were mourning the death of a carp believed to be Britain’s largest freshwater fish, who tipped the scales at almost five stone (32kg) and was nicknamed “the marriage wrecker.”

    Two Tone, a mirror carp who weighed 67lb 14oz, was found floating on the surface of Conningbrook Lake in Kent where it lived. It was believed to be about 45 years old and to have died from old age.

    The fish, named from its skin colour, was only caught once or twice a year and no more than 50 times in its lifetime which made him a prize catch amongst anglers across the country.

    “It’s a unique creature. It’s genetically unusual. There’s no other fish ever grown to that size in this country,” Coningbrook fisheries manager Chris Logsdon told Reuters Television.

    “Obviously it was the pinnacle of carp angling. It was the fish that everybody wanted to catch.”

    It was the hours that some anglers spent trying to catch Two Tone that won the fish the nickname “the marriage wrecker.”

    Angler Lee Jackson wrote a book called “Just For The Record: My Quest For Two Tone” about his battle trying to snare Two Tone which he won in the end.

    “It really became an obsession to catch that fish. It took me fishing it in the spring, summer and autumn most weeks, fishing it for about 50 hours per week, and it took me six years. It was a pretty difficult one to track down,” said Lee Jackson.

    Two Tone will be buried next to the lake next Sunday with anglers sending online tributes to the fish that got away.


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