Vote-rigging in Ethiopia

This video, recorded in the USA, is called March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa Gaining Momentum.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Vote-rigging claim in Ethiopia election

Ethiopia: The largest opposition bloc has claimed that it has evidence of voter intimidation and vote-rigging that may lead members to contest the results of weekend elections in Africa’s third-most populous country.

The vote was closely watched by international observers and by critics who say that the ruling US-allied Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front had harassed voters and challengers.

The opposition and the ruling party‘s critics predicted the poll would lead to a new decade of power for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

As the Ethiopian regime are allies of the USA in the bloody war in Somalia, we may expect Western media to be not very harsh on Zenawi about this.

Human rights group claims irregularities in Ethiopian election: here.

This is my third commentary on the theme, “Where do we go from here?”, following the rigged elections in Ethiopia last month. In this piece, I urge Ethiopian intellectuals to exchange their armchairs for the public benches and leave their comfort zones of passivity and silence to become advocates of peaceful change and democracy in their homeland: here.

4 thoughts on “Vote-rigging in Ethiopia

  1. 25 MAY – AFRICA DAY

    The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organisation – AAPSO – together with the African people, commemorates this Day of Africa with full hopes and expectations about the future of the continent.

    In Africa today, a number of political, economic and social problems remained unresolved. If taken as a whole, the sad reality is glaring:
    low economic growth, mounting debt, widespread unemployment, poor conditions of health and education, misery, starvation and poverty. It is expected that further deterioration of these socio-economic indicators is likely to happen due to the current multi-dimensional crisis, obviously leading to the conclusion that reaching the Millennium Development Goals remains a far dream for Africa.

    The continuation of conflicts, wars, inter-tribal and inter-ethnic confrontations, as well as other humanitarian crisis pose problems in the way of reaching solution to a number of issues to which African people are facing today. Moreover, the growing number of African population is weighing on the need to seek way and means on how to face problems related mainly to water, desertification, diseases,hunger, illiteracy. In many circumstances, democracy remains a distant dream. The violation of human rights seemed to be the rule not the exception. Corruption is rampant. Consequently, poverty is looming increasing deeply. And the process of development is being hampered lamentably.

    AAPSO is of the view that all these problems should be addressed in proper way, objectively, in the context of far-reaching perspective.
    The African Union and its institutions, the civil society, the non-governmental organisations have a crucial role to play in this connection.


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