Thai dictatorship threatens more bloodshed

This video is called Thailand: red shirts protests against the government

The Thai military is poised to move against thousands of anti-government protesters encamped in Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong commercial district: here.

Update: About 5,000 people remain at an anti-government protest site in the capital of Thailand despite the expiry of a government deadline to leave the area: here.

A Thai general who supported democracy activists and was shot by an unidentified sniper has died from his wounds, raising fears of fresh violence on the fifth day of a military crackdown that has killed 36 people in central Bangkok: here.

Thailand’s army and the regime of right-wing Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjavija are responsible for a bloodbath on the streets of Bangkok. Soldiers moved in against pro-democracy demonstrators who have been gathered in the city for nearly two months to demand that the government–installed with the support of the military in 2008–resign and hold new elections: here.

Update 18 May 2010: here.

Thailand: Is military using British arms in crackdown? Here.

The Thai military turned central Bangkok into a raging battleground on Wednesday when soldiers stormed a barricaded protest camp, killing at least five democracy activists and an Italian journalist: here.

BANGKOK, May 19, 2010 (IPS) – If there were any hopes that Wednesday’s surrender by the leaders of Thailand’s biggest anti-government protests in decades would instantly ease tensions, these were dashed by the ugly spasms of violence that wracked this capital soon after they turned themselves in: here.

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