Scops owl and woodchat shrike

After yesterday, today is 7 May on Lesbos island in Greece.

Early in the morning: seven little egrets landing in the wetland.

A blue tit. A black-headed wagtail near the Christou river.

Then, by bus to a biological olive grove to the north of Napi.

This is a cirl bunting video from Cornwall.

On a telephone pole, a cirl bunting.

A bit further, a singing woodlark.

A singing nightingale.

A short-toed eagle circling in the sky.

A Balkan marbled white butterfly.

Then, special birds: sombre tits.

As we return, the cirl bunting is still on its pole, joined by a turtle dove.

Ten barn swallows drive away a sparrowhawk.

At our next stop, a hooded crow attacks a long-legged buzzard.

We can hear the olive-tree warbler; but, as happens often, we cannot see it.

A masked shrike on a branch.

A female kestrel flying; then, landing in a tree.

A woodchat shrike on a telephone wire.

A ruddy shelduck passing in the sky.

In Agia Paraskevi village, we pass the local football club. It is called Diagoras, after a famous Greek sportsman (a boxer, not a footballer) in the 5th century BC Olympic games.

Then, to another football club, in Kalloni. On the parking lot, a Persian squirrel runs away. See a photo from Lesbos of this species here.

Another interesting inhabitant of this parking lot is the scops owl. It lives in an old eucalyptus tree. Though that is not a native tree, the scops owl likes it as it blends in well with its camouflage colours. See a photo from Lesbos here.

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