Little crake and bee-eaters

After the morning of 7 May in Lesbos came the afternoon.

We go to the Metochi lake, a fine area for birds.

A corn bunting singing.

In a tree a bit further, a beautiful, colourful bee-eater.

This is a bee-eater video.

A common sandpiper on the river bank near the bridge.

A black-headed bunting singing from the top of high wild chervil flowers.

Many stripe-necked terrapins on the river banks. Some, just out of the water, dark coloured, with the ones who have been out of the water for longer more sandy-coloured.

A purple heron flying away with a fish in its bill.

Many house martins.

Two bee-eaters sitting on a shrub near the bank. One of them eating a lesser emperor dragonfly.

Walking along the river, an adult terrapin swimming to the left, while a very small terrapin of just a few centimeter swims to the right.

A little grebe with two chicks.

Moorhens with chicks.

Marsh frog sounds.

Then, a bird which most people haver never seen, as it is rare, small, secretive, and lives in dense reed beds: a male little crake. To hear its sound, click here (scroll down a bit).

This is a video of a male little crake in Spain.

A moorhen swims past the little crake’s hiding place.

A painted lady butterfly.

As we go back, a woodchat shrike on a telephone wire.

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