Fruit bat sex video

From New Scientist:

Female short-nosed fruit bats have been observed performing fellatio on their partners during copulation. Mating pairs spent more time copulating if the female did so.

Cynopterus sphinx live in south-east Asia. The males often roost with small groups of females.

Pronounced Seasonal Changes in the Movement Ecology of a Highly Gregarious Central-Place Forager, the African Straw-Coloured Fruit Bat (Eidolon helvum): here.

The language of bats: Many species of bats hunt insects ‘on the wing’ by making ultrasonic calls: here.

Researchers Discover Secret of Success For Mysterious Hybridized Caribbean Bats: here.

Pallid bats are unique – they are heterotherms – able to either maintain a constant temperature or allow it to fluctuate: here.

Critically Endangered Bonneted bat is alive and well in Florida: here.

Dutch bats in hot summers: here.

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