Female little crake and purple heron

After 8 May yesterday, today 9 May on Lesbos island; where one may see bird migration so well; see also here.

This morning, again to the Metochi lake.

Cetti’s warbler sitting on top of a bush. Black-headed bunting. A male little bittern. Marsh frog sounds.

Swifts flying. Nightingale singing.

The little grebes with chicks are still around.

Then, after the male little crake of last time here, now a female little crake.

This is a female little crake video.

After some time, the female little crake takes a big jump to the right, out of the telescope scope.

Great reed warbler singing.

A purple heron in a tree near the bridge.

A red-rumped swallow flying underneath the bridge.

Near the bridge, a very small stripe-necked terrapin resting on the bank. It soon starts swimming again.

2 thoughts on “Female little crake and purple heron

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